Middle East Geospatial Forum is now

Geosmart Middle East 2017
6 - 7 March 2017, Dubai, UAE
Hotel Al Bustan Rotana Dubai, UAE

The Geospatial Era Smarter Cities Empowered Citizens


Geospatial technology assumes great significance at a time when countries in the Middle East have set out their goals to become ‘smart’ and imbibe smartness in every aspect of the common man’s life. The change of identity from Middle East Geospatial Forum to GeoSmart Middle East will serve as a means to bridge the existing gaps and bring in more relevant sessions and programmes which would match pace with this sweeping shift in regional strategy and also be more informative and educative
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Why Attend

  • Discover the future of geospatial technologies and its applications Discover the future of geospatial technologies and its applications across various verticals
  • Interact with renowned names from the geospatial industry Interact with renowned names from the geospatial industry and get to know geospatial solutions to some of your most common challenges
  • Learn from experts Learn from experts from across the globe about how to best use the technology
  • Get hands-on exposure to latest technological solutions Get hands-on exposure to the best available and latest technological solutions
  • Meet and interact with prospective customers Meet and interact with prospective customers and give an edge to your business


Smart Cities:
Middle East Success Stories
  • Learn about sustainable practices in city development
  • Experience smart construction technologies
  • Learn about various aspects which create successful smart cities
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Smart grids for electricity and water utilities
  • Integration of asset and work force information for disclosure to the mobile field workers
  • Improve customer service by implementing GIS
  • Success case studies from the Middle East
  • Business Process Management
  • ERM
Smart Transport:
Present and Future
  • Use of geospatial technology in sea, land and air transport
  • Smart vehicle tracking solutions
  • Transport infrastructure planning with geospatial technologies
  • Look at the next-gen transport systems
  • Autonomous Vehicles
Spatial Data Infrastructures for Good Governance
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures for time and cost saving
  • The role of SDIs in poverty reduction, promoting sustainable development and better land administration
  • SDIs as a tool for better decision making
Effective Land Administration for Socio-Economic Development
  • Addressing the most common land administration challenges through geospatial technology
  • Formulating the best regional land administration systems for economic development
  • Efficient land administration for better planning, licensing and valuation of land
  • Sharing of experience amongst various country representatives to find out the best land administration practices
Middle East
  • Interchange of ideas amongst government representatives, AEC industry, and experts from ICT and geospatial industry
  • Advocate adoption of an integrated Geospatial and BIM module supported by complementing ICT solutions for infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Explore the utility of Geo+BIM for construction and maintenance of smart infrastructure
  • Development of innovative ideas for creation of modern infrastructure such as roads, highways, housing, railways, airports etc.

Projected Participants’ Profile

Projected Participants� Profile

Who Should Attend

Geospatial technology companies
Geospatial data providers
National Mapping Agencies
Space Agencies
Policy Makers
System Integrators
Consultants and Project Implementers
Research Institutes
Multilateral Agencies
Industry Associations
Utility Organisations
Transport Organisations
Defence Personnel
Land Information Agencies
Urban Planning & Development
Public Works Agencies
Information Technology Companies

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