Plenary Session

Geospatial of the Future
  • Learn about the future of geospatial technology and what it means for the Middle East
  • Listen to global geospatial experts and gather their experience from around the world
  • Discover some of the evolving and new-age geospatial technologies and their application across various domains


Smart Cities:
Middle East Success Stories
  • Learn about sustainable practices in city development
  • Experience smart construction technologies
  • Learn about various aspects which create successful smart cities. The programme will also showcase future trends like autonomous vehicles, internet of things, artificial intelligence etc.
  • Smart grids for electricity and water utilities
  • Integration of asset and work force information for disclosure to the mobile field workers
  • Improve customer service by implementing GIS
  • Success case studies from the Middle East
Smart Transport:
Present and Future
  • Use of geospatial technology in sea, land and air transport
  • Smart vehicle tracking solutions
  • Transport infrastructure planning with geospatial technologies
  • Look at the next-gen transport systems
Spatial Data Infrastructures for Good Governance
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures for time and cost saving
  • The role of SDIs in poverty reduction, promoting sustainable development and better land administration
  • SDIs as a tool for better decision making
Effective Land Administration for Socio-Economic Development
  • Addressing the most common land administration challenges through geospatial technology
  • Formulating the best regional land administration systems for economic development
  • Efficient land administration for better planning, licensing and valuation of land
  • Sharing of experience amongst various country representatives to find out the best land administration practices
Middle East
  • Interchange of ideas amongst government representatives, AEC industry, and experts from ICT and geospatial industry
  • Advocate adoption of an integrated Geospatial and BIM module supported by complementing ICT solutions for infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Explore the utility of Geo+BIM for construction and maintenance of smart infrastructure
  • Development of innovative ideas for creation of modern infrastructure such as roads, highways, housing, railways, airports etc.